Bike Cover

Setting up is extremely easy if you follow these simple steps:

  1. Place the bikes next to each other facing opposite directions

  2. Take the cover out of the storage bag and unfold it.

  3. Look for the TeamObsidian logo and start covering one side. You can start covering on any side as the cover has the same width on both sides.

  4. (For Size L: - start covering the bike by first placing the cover over the handlebars and front wheel with the logo facing forwards under the handlebars.)

  5. Pull the cover downwards to the other side making sure all the wheels are covered to the ground.

  6. The silver lines will help you center the cover on the bikes.

  7. Now you just have to pull the strings in the hem at the front and the back for a snug fit. Adjust the length of the bottom buckle and connect it - this will make sure the cover stays secure on the bike at all times.If you want to secure your bikes, just pass the chain or the bungee cord through the front/back lock holes.