About us...

If you’re a cyclist you have a deep love for being outdoors, you enjoy the feeling of freedom and general well-being. 
All the love and all the joy comes from going places with your bicycle.
We love life on two wheels as well. Thus we wanted to do more to allow every cyclist to:
  • go faster
  • go further
  • enjoy every minute of it
All this while feeling fearless, daring and, at the same time, completely safe.
TeamObsidian is a family business. It was started by two active parents in love with traveling and cycling. All this with the support of our amazing sons who are the most courageous boys we know. 
Going to work, meeting friends or shopping on a bike is de facto here. This makes it easy and fun to test our products and come up with new product ideas.
We started TeamObsidian because we cherish freedom and happiness above everything else. We want to have the freedom to create and give a lot of value to our customers and be proud of our work. The feedback we got so far tells us we are on the right track.
When you buy a TeamObsidian product, you’ll see our obsession with excellent customer service. Small companies can have a positive impact on the world. Everything we do must be efficient and smart. We keep the quality always high and the prices low, so you get the most out of your buy.
Last but not least, your voice is the one inspiring our company. We care what you think and look forward to your feedback so we can improve, grow and cycle more, together!
Thank you for checking us out,
TeamObsidian Family